1. The sailing yacht  Blue  Vayu

Sail beautiful Penobscot Bay on your private charter aboard BLUE VAYU!  Alot about sailboats is romance and the beauty of a well-balanced yacht under sail.  The Blue Vayu is a classic Swedish sloop built in 1974 and extensively restored to display her mahogany and teak topsides.  Her unusual European design and graceful demeanor turn heads wherever she goes!


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Capt. Linda Hanson is the owner and operator of BLUE VAYU.  She holds a 100-ton license.  Linda has raced and sailed boats on the Maine coast for the past 30 years, and as teacher, has had every summer to explore Penobscot Bay.  In her opinion, this region is as spectacular as any sailing region in the world.

1 Harbor Park, Rockland, Maine